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About Fermata Brewing Company

Great beer and great times with great neighbors

Some of you may have wondered, “what is Fermata?” or “what does Fermata mean?” 

Since the partners are all music enthusiasts, we thought it might be a nice idea to subtly incorporate something music-related when choosing a name or theme for the brewery. Fermata seemed a great idea because it can be connoted several ways. First, the word Fermata is derived from the Italian word fermare, meaning “to stay.” In music, it is used as a symbol to denote a hold (on either a note or a rest) of unspecified length. What better way to encapsulate the idea of a brewpub; we welcome everyone to pause (or stay) for a while and enjoy craft beers and comraderie. It seems to capture the best of both worlds, making for a comfortable and neighborly experience. 

Our logo incorporates the musical notation while giving a nod to our new home in Ambridge. The borough’s history is inextricably tied to the American Bridge Company (from which Ambridge gets its name), which was one of the world’s pre-eminent steel bridge manufacturers of the early twentieth century. Within the logo, you can also see a representation of a steel truss bridge (which also functions as the M, above the Fermata) and a steel bolt (within the Fermata itself). 


Our community-immersed, interactive brewery and taproom experience will also reflect the borough/region's history, incorporating a cozy, community feel and a flexible design to accommodate small private gatherings, but more importantly, give safe access/line of sight to the brewing process, helping to welcome visitors to the world of craft brewing. 

Our goal is to become a community-involved business that provides a positive experience for the borough of Ambridge and its residents. We hope to accomplish this through charitable contributions, providing space for local non-profit organizations to hold meetings, and creating an interactive experience at the brewery to share knowledge and experiences. We also plan to be involved in sponsoring, co-sponsoring, and helping to organize community festivals and events on Merchant Street. We are thrilled to be your new neighbor!

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